GT Hunters

3 x 30 HD Adventure Fishing


Caranx Ignobilis — The Giant Trevally (GT), is one of sport fishing's most demanding and definitive challenges.  At over 200lbs or 90 kg’s it takes more than guts to land this fish, you need to be hooked on the challenge. That is exactly what motivates anglers Dean Zec and Scott Wooldridge.  Their global search to catch the largest GT ever caught, leads them on an inspiring adventure that takes them to some of the worlds most striking locations, from French Polynesia to the Indonesia archipelago to Australia’s most raw and untamed waters.  

But this is more than your usual fishing show.  Dean and Scott are also Marine Scientists with a passion for protecting the world’s most pristine and endangered marine environments.  All GT’s that are caught are released straight back to the ocean.

The action isn’t just on the boat, the boys love to go ‘down under’ and film some of the worlds most beautiful, diverse and rich coral reefs.  On land they come face-to face with komodo dragons, nesting turtles and quixotic characters and dreamers that have the tall stories and adventures we all dream of. 

But back to the chase, somewhere out there is the world’s largest Giant Trevally.  And amongst the star-lit skies, turquoise water, powdery white sand, gorgeous sunsets and foreboding reefs is a colossus GT that will test our duo to breaking point.