72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America

12 x 60 Series


Calling all creatures great and terrifying…

Enter a ferocious world of killer beasts. 72 elite creatures, all fighting for the ultimate title of Most Dangerous Animal in Latin America. Fearsome wonders in ancient lands, many shrouded in myth and legend, that ignite fear and admiration for their power and adaptation to survive.

Watch your step around this menacing menagerie; tropical terrors slither through the underbrush, swarms of stinging killers fly through the air, bloodthirsty giants lurk in the water and flesh eating parasites hide in plain site – they’re all ready for ranking in this captivating and informative series.

Visit leading institutions and meet formative experts specialising in research, conservation and rehabilitation of animals in Latin America. Entomologist and author, Justin Schmidt better known as the King of Sting; Arachnologist, Professor Greta Binford aka ‘Spiderwoman’; Professor Vidal Haddad Jr, a specialist in animal inflicted injuries and Dr Rui Seabra Ferreira Jr from the Centre for the Study of Venoms and Venomous Animals in Brazil.

Adventurers and nature specialists also feature - Brazilian Biologist Richard Rassmussen; American naturalist Paul Rosolie and legendary snake whisperer Dean Ripa.

As our world continues on a collision course with nature, this timely documentary makes for crucial viewing. Getting to know these brutal yet beautiful creatures could well save your life! Do you run or do you hide? Should you watch out for their claws or jaws?

Combining breathtaking scenery, compelling eyewitness accounts, expert interviews, dramatic reenactments; we investigate the perilous properties of each animal and their risk to humans.

May the worst one win!