72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

12 x 60 Series


Face your fears - step into Asia’s animal danger zone where creatures that kill come in all shapes and sizes, and a 72-strong super squad of the most dazzling and dangerous now fights it out to be top dog.

This stunning series showcases the perilous and precious elements of each animal through real death-defying eyewitness accounts, dramatic recreations, expert analysis and inspiring cinematography.

Grave-digging dragons, tigers with a taste for human flesh, Hollywood movie inspiration wolverine, hyper honey badger, gigantic killer hornets, exploding toxic beetle bombs, ghostly wildcats, iconic cobras, bears, and mega killer saltwater crocodile, all make the deadly grade.

The stealth hunters, ambush predators and venomous assassins go head to head in each episode, until a league of just 11 ultimate champions remain to face off in a gripping grand finale showdown, revealing who is the most dangerous of all.

Where expanding urban jungles and displaced wildlife often collide and conflict; through 12 compelling shows, see what’s at stake if these beautiful yet brutal slayers, some the accidental heroes of new life-saving medical research, are lost forever.

Prepare for a scare as we start counting down from 72…..