72 Dangerous Animals Latin America

12 x 60 Series


Killer bees, flesh-eating fish, vampire bats, bullet ants, giant snakes, bull sharks, poison-dart frogs – if it’s the stuff of nightmares, you’ll see it all on 72 Dangerous Animals Latin America.

From the harsh Mexican desert, to the panoramic Andean mountains and deep within the volatile Amazon jungle, this series merges phenomenal scenery with unbelievable creatures – every one more deadly than the other.

It’s a close tussle for top position as we count down Latin America’s 72 most Dangerous Animals using contemporary graphics, compelling eye-witness accounts, victim statements, expert opinion and scientific facts. 

Frogs with toxins 200 times more potent than morphine; serpents with venom that melts human flesh; seemingly immortal scorpions capable of surviving nuclear blasts; and mosquitos with a deathly sting – all will be investigated and ranked on a ‘danger scale’ within this fast-paced, informative series.

72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America is proof that looks can be deceiving – within picturesque landscapes lurk brutal and powerful creatures of horrific proportion that can maim and kill.