72 Dangerous Animals: Asia

12 x 60 Series


The world’s longest, venomous snake; deadliest sharks; biggest lizard and a gnarly predator that’s inspired a Hollywood film - welcome to the extreme and terrifying world of 72 Dangerous Animals Asia.

Featuring interviews with wildlife experts and survivors of attacks, this adrenaline-fueled exotic getaway is the latest from Showrunner Production’s hit ‘72’ franchise.

Barracudas known for feasting on the flesh of unsuspecting swimmers, giant Japanese hornets with deadly venom, and The Wolverine with its razor-sharp claws that inspired its Hollywood namesake - the race is on to find Asia’s 72 most dangerous animals.

Using cool graphics inspired by sports’ stadium scoreboards, each animal is ranked according to its deadly potential, but not before we get to know them intimately – their unique characteristics, habitat, how they tick and what makes them so dangerous.

Home to millions of people, and a destination for holidaymakers around the world, 72 Dangerous Animals Asia gets up close with those creatures you wouldn’t want to meet on your next vacation.