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A Showrunner knows how to take charge. To create, produce and deliver seriously good TV.

At Showrunner Productions we’re all about real stories. Australian based, but internationally focused, we make factual ratings winners for the global market. And we’ve got the track record to prove it.

TV is changing and we’re transforming with it. From the small screen, to the cinematic, our mission is to entertain, inform and capture an audience.

In today’s world, quality content is king. And the Showrunner team knows how to deliver.

So let us take the lead. After all, we run the show.

  • David Morrison - Managing Director

  • Jane Rose - General Manager | Producer

  • Carolyn Bertram - Producer

  • Audrey Everard - Development & Production Executive


    Friday 10 August 2018

    Back-to-back delivery of two 12-part series continues to build Showrunner’s outstanding success with streaming giant Netflix.

    Launching globally on August 10, the Perth-based company steps back into the creature danger zone with their latest action-packed offering in the hit ‘72’ franchise - 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia.

    It follows the worldwide release of Showrunner’s first Netflix Original Series 72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America in December 2017.

    Developed, researched, written and produced by the Showrunner Productions team, working with film crews from all corners of the globe, the compelling 12-part family series pits beast against beast, until a league of 11 ultimate champions remain to face off in a frightening showdown finale, revealing who is the most dangerous animal of all.

    Set against sensational HD cinematography, and pumping full surround sound music tracks, from the dazzling to the devious, viewers come face to face with a menagerie of Asia’s deadly hunters, ambush predators and venomous assassins including the grave-digging komodo dragon, real-life Hollywood movie inspiration wolverine, India’s man-eating Bengal tiger; the hyped-up honey badger; and mega killer saltwater crocodile.

    We showcase each creature’s unique characteristics, behaviours, conservation issues, the latest medical and scientific research, cultural importance, potential risk to people; and unlock the mysteries of Asia’s animal folklore and legends - through in-depth analysis from wildlife experts and conservationists, and deaf-defying eyewitness accounts.

    72 Dangerous Animals: Asia the third addition to the hit 72 Dangerous Animals series, and the fifth in the Showrunner Productions 72 franchise.

    See the jaws, paws and feathers fly as we count down from 72


    Monday 11 December 2017

    Showrunner Productions’ film, MISSION PREDATOR,  aired during Shark Week as part of GREAT AUSTRALIAN BITES - a one hour special hosted by marine biologist Lucas Handley, that features five unique short films produced in Western Australia.

    Mission Predator follows passionate marine-men and tech-heads Ryan Chatfield, Johnny Debnam, and Andre Rerekura on an incredible ocean adventure. 

    In a world first, these deep-sea wranglers create, design, build and test a unique experiment dubbed ‘The Subsea Heart Simulator’ to try to understand whether sharks can detect the electrical impulse of our beating hearts. 

    Along with skipper Ash Sutton, the seasoned divers put sharks through their paces in an exciting and fast-paced journey of discovery, off Western Australia’s remote Abrohlos Islands.

    The project was a Discovery Networks and ScreenWest joint production initiative.

    So are sharks attracted to a panicked human heartbeat? You’ll have to sink your teeth into Great Australian Bites to find out:  http://bit.ly/MissionPredator


    Thursday 23 March 2017

    We’re excited to announce a new Showrunner Productions project, MISSION PREDATOR, has been selected for SHARK BITES – a Discovery Networks and ScreenWest joint production initiative.

    This short documentary will highlight an untold Australian shark story and premiere during Shark Week 2017, exclusive to Discovery Channel.

    Stay tuned for a seriously hair-raising look at our greatest ocean predator!


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