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A Showrunner knows how to take charge. To create, produce and deliver seriously good TV.

At Showrunner Productions we’re all about real stories. Australian based, but internationally focused, we make factual ratings winners for the global market. And we’ve got the track record to prove it.

TV is changing and we’re transforming with it. From the small screen, to the cinematic, our mission is to entertain, inform and capture an audience.

In today’s world, quality content is king. And the Showrunner team knows how to deliver.

So let us take the lead. After all, we run the show.

  • David Morrison - Chief Executive Officer

  • Jane Rose - General Manager

  • Jean Di Marino - Series Producer

  • Carolyn Bertram - Senior Producer

  • Melenie Ambrose - Senior Producer

  • Audrey Everard - Development & Production Executive

  • Stephen Bartley - Assistant Producer

  • Kristie Barnett - Assistant Producer


    Thursday 23 March 2017

    We’re excited to announce a new Showrunner Productions project, MISSION PREDATOR, has been selected for SHARK BITES – a Discovery Networks and ScreenWest joint production initiative.

    This short documentary will highlight an untold Australian shark story and premiere during Shark Week 2017, exclusive to Discovery Channel.

    Stay tuned for a seriously hair-raising look at our greatest ocean predator!


    Friday 10 June 2016

    All three of our ‘72’ series are now available on Netflix.

    Every episode of 72 Dangerous Animals Australia, 72 Dangerous Places to Live and 72 Cutest Animals are viewable across 39 countries.

    72 Dangerous Places to Live was completed in December and made its international debut on Viasat Explore, broadcasting across Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. The series is also set to air on Discovery Latin America.

    Our third instalment in the format, 72 Cutest Animals, was delivered in April.

    This series steps away from the danger zone and gathers the world’s most adorable creatures. It seeks to answer the big question: which is the cutest of them all? 

  • 72 Dangerous Animals Australia now on Netflix USA & Canada

    Wednesday 9 December 2015

    We are excited to announce that our series '72 Dangerous Animals Australia' is now available on Netflix USA and Canada!

    The series has been aired in over 80 countries and is currently screening on inflight channels with Qantas Domestic & Virgin Australia.

    '72 Dangerous Animals Australia' is an up-close look at Australia's deadly creatures, from the Platypus to the Great White Shark. Featuring interviews with wildlife experts and attack survivors, this series is an exciting countdown to Australia's most dangerous animal. Watch the trailer

    Following this success, our next series '72 Dangerous Places to Live ' is nearing completion and '72 Cutest Animals ' is well into production, both with international interest generated through our distribution agreement with ABC Commercial.


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